A Twenty-Eight (28) Card Game

Copyright, Vipin Cherian 2006-2007


What is rosanne?

is a Twenty-Eight(28) card game written for Win32 and GTK platforms, and released under the GNU General Public License.
Currently, the game allows the end-user to play with/against three other artifically intelligent players.

What is Twenty-Eight(28)?

Twenty-Eight(28), is a card game which is very popular in parts of South Asia.  It is related to the Dutch game of Jass.
Currently rosanne attempts to simulate the version which is played in the state of Kerala, India.

Current Status

The current status of the project is Beta (Version 1.0b1).


Running under Windows
Running under Linux (Ubuntu/GNOME) GTK1.2 GTK2.0


Windows :- (1.24 MB)

Linux :-
GTK 2.0(2.8.6 or higher), i386 - rosanne_1.0b1.gtk2.0.tar.gz (1.29 MB) (Dependencies)
GTK 1.2(1.2.10-17 or higher), i386 - rosanne_1.0b1.gtk1.2.tar.gz (1.28 MB)

Extract the archive and run the executable named ra_gui... .
Recommended configuration - 128MB RAM, Pentium-4 or equivalent, 40MB free hard disk space and a brain.

Report bugs here.
Request new features here.


Please obtain the source code from the Subversion repository. Browse the source code here.


Development - Vipin Cherian.

If you want to contribute to this project, please contact the administrator here.

Special thanks to,

wxWidgets Team and everone who has contributed to the library.
wxWidgets Discussion Forum.
Julian Smart and Anthemion Software Ltd.
Sean Eron Anderson.
The Open Source community for the development tools.

Vinod Sureshbabu, David C. Kandathil, Gigi Joseph, Kamjith P.,
Aravind Parameswaran, Jayesh G., Jamsheed Kormath, V. Sridhar,
Feby George, Prashanth Kuttickat, Anoop A., Linov P. Suresh,
Gaurav Sharma, Baljinder Singh Sandhu, Rajeev Mittal, Keya Pansare,
Manish Gupta, Sreepad Ramesan Kutty, Reynold Johns, Shadaab Syed,
Sankara S. P., Mainak Bose, Sooraj K. Prabha, DTops DTharas,
Prashanth P, Rupesh R. S., Sajith Bhaskar, Dishkangang,
Friends at Malayalavedhi and many others...

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